Ford Motor Company

Primarily, this move was done so as to sell out any remaining 2006 Ford vehicle models and in the process give way for the 2007 Ford line up. If you have not yet heard, the Ford Motor Company has been suffering for several months now because of low and declining sales. Aside from that, the company is also suffering from loss of funds for they had just recently sent out a huge recall of several Ford vehicle models that were found out to be pronea to starting fires. Of course, with that, the company would have to shell out huge amounts of money so as to replace any affected parts like Ford Granada parts as well as spending the money on people who would be doing the replacements and the testing of the recalled vehicles.

As per this new incentive program from the auto manufacturer from Dearborn, the company clarifies that this has been done not just for those customers who have excellent credit and live on the high end. Whitney Drake, one of Ford?s spokespeople, further explains that this program could be availed by anybody who is interested and simply has good credit scores. modified cars

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