where to work as digital nomad in Athens

One Month as a Digital Nomad in Athens Greece

Planning to hit Greece as your next just time world space destination as a digital nomad community? With its magnificent architecture that evokes an old-world charm travel, sun-kissed beaches, generally decent weather all round the year and welcoming locals, not…

Quartzsite, AZ

For a Desert Town on a lone highway in the middle of nowhere, Quartzsite, AZ has a lot going for it. We have been watching that towns expansion for about 5-years now.

Geophysical survey techniques

Geophysical survey techniques are the most commonly used method of site identification when a suspected archaeological site lies beneath the land surface. They are non-intrusive and are subsequently invaluable when excavation is not possible.

Hindi language

The reason quoted is that Hindi, though a very large language, has only 1,500 entries in it and they want more contribution from Hindi language writers as they have realized the importance of Hindi.


Although landscaping deciding upon gardening recently received manner a tremendous amount, utilizing every body endeavouring to renovate his or her back garden, right into a pretty fascinating surroundings.