One Month as a Digital Nomad in Athens Greece

where to work as digital nomad in Athens

Planning to hit Greece as your next just time world space destination as a digital nomad community? With its magnificent architecture that evokes an old-world charm travel, sun-kissed beaches, generally decent weather all round the year and welcoming locals, not to mention good WIFI speeds and plenty of Airbnb great accommodations, Greece city is close to a small digital nomad’s space paradise. Find out what one month of spending life in Athens, Greece as a digital nomad can be like for you. If you want to discover the adventures of a couple of digital nomads in Athens, check out their blog!

Beach vacation, well almost!

If you love being close wifi space to the beach, have internet remote, you would love being around the water bodies in Greece. The country has no dearth of beaches, and the Athens Riviera beaches are reason enough to be here. community Vouliagmeni, Lagonissi, Kavouri, Astir, Akanthus, Legrena, Glyfada, Flisvos, Varkiza, Asteras, Edem, space Yabanaki city fun... there community are plenty of good travel beaches that let you live your ultimate sand-and-sea existence.

Fresh seafood dishes are served at the location budget taverns at the Varkiza cities beach. Experience the warm sand beneath your feet as you gorge on them. If you want to park yourself all day in space a gorgeous wifi beach for a change php, sitting under an umbrella on a beach chair and working on your online projects undisturbed, find a quiet spot at the Yabanaki Beach city, one of the space most popular fun beaches in Athens. There are terrific foods and drinks served here, and you can enjoy them as you bask in the sun and carry on with your work. When you look up from work every now and then, you will have plenty to see, community travel and thank your digital nomad internet lifestyle small for.

Once you have finished your digital php location assignments, you can participate in beach tennis or enjoy some remote of the water sports activities available here. You will feel as if life has just fun free begun for wifi you in the real sense of the term.

Being thankful!

The place has something about it php. It could be that inviting atmosphere, or that feel-good vibe community, or the generally positive people cities …that is sure to make you feel more in the moment. You do not wait for your life to begin or your future to happen php. As you talk to new people, explore sights and sounds community that are unlike location any other and free quite likely to be vastly different from your country fun – no matter where you are from, you can wifi actually feel that life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Back home, with a constant sense of competition and toxic people all around coworking, you are likely to get bogged down every now and then by the thoughts of php how your life should have community been like php. As you walk down the Acropolis, relax in the Lagonissi beach or feast on the Baklava pastries or moussaka php, you will feel free satisfied fun with remote internet, your life and have a sense of contentment happy with how things are.

More creativity, more positivity

Studies island show that small creative europe thoughts location get a 50% cost boost with traveling and it can reduce activities in all areas of the brain that are associated to psychological ailments. new The Greek way of living and the act europe of traveling through the country and exploring its beauties can make you develop a healthier approach to life.

In Greece, you can break out of the routine city in so many ways. Food thus, you can new go-kart racing coworking in Naxos one day and stand before the amazing Odeon of Herodes location Atticus the next and cities walk down php the winding streets of Plaka the following day. You can visit the many ancient ruins scattered all over Athens or visit Delphi – the spot for the classical Greek island oracle that has been mentioned in so many classic Grecian plays, books, cost and movies.

The positivity can be enhanced due to the fact that you can meet so many creative people here. It is easy to come across entrepreneurs, DJs, bartenders, chefs etc who island have sold cities their companies and properties to be here. These people tend to have greater level of remote control over their lives, and are more contented coworking with their fun existence.

Living in the moment

Living in Greece teaches you to live cost life in the present food and have fewer worries. Why? It is because the environment is so conducive to that kind of thinking. As you meet more people who have left home and hearth for a more carefree life, you can get the courage to live with less concern about existence. You can get support for your small nomadic existence and learn some interesting tips from them about how to balance work and life in this foreign country. You can probably also be able to get into the local digital nomad community, which can ensure you will have a ‘home away from home’ and not miss a social life after all fun.

There is nothing like Greek cuisines!

Spend just one month here, and you will like to stay here food for a longer time – for the foods alone, even if for nothing else. The dishes served here are highly nutritious and you will benefit from the islands high protein content of the foods you can get in Greece and their cost. Most of the dishes here have a great flavor, and are served with coworking fresh Grecian salads, which can leave you smacking your lips for more. Whether it comes to Tsatsiki, feta, olives or Gyros island business , days the country has lots remote of delicacies cities and specialties that can be experienced nowhere else.

If you wish to experience the best traditional local Grecian food, fun you can be at the Klimataria – which happens to be one of the oldest taverns in the city of Athens, the capital of Greece. You will also relish the local music and dances in this place, along with the mouthwatering foods. From the juicy souvlaki to fresh seafood coworking island dishes, the chefs in Greece seem to have many dishes up their sleeves and you will undoubtedly business love the islands different taste.

For fantastic local cuisines, visit any of the amazing restaurants around business Plaka’s side streets. If you want a rich dining experience, go to the Tudor Hall that lets you have fantastic views of the small days Acropolis and the Parthenon. The beaches are great places to have foods as well, days business such as the bars around the Akanthus islands island Beach that serve remote fun fabulous food cocktails and you can sip on them while listening to the music being played here softly all day long


Celebration of life

Do you feel bored with life, and wonder whether your existence islands is all about drudgery island in the cubicles? Or do you get bored with digital projects as well, and wonder how to let your hair down in innovative ways? This country and its people know how to celebrate life and you can find places spaces such as the Akanthus Beach buzzing cities with coworking spaces activities all day. During summer, it transforms into the hub of nightlife activities and wears a party look at night, especially during the weekends. You can witness some of the best Live Music events held fun here quite frequently. days Temperatures are lower at night, and you can have the time of your life here.

All of these might distract you from your work. The key is to find a little secluded accommodation where there is less noise and more peace. Greece is no stranger spaces to rental accommodations and Airbnb accommodations today. The locals here are also familiar with the digital nomads who come in here small, and try not to disturb them even when they spot them working in public. You can find many nomads like you working in places such as the Vouliagmeni island Beach, days enjoying the free entry spaces. You may consider moving farther towards the coast to find a calmer spot, away from noisy kids and their families, and start working there. There are showers, sunbeds and seafood taverns as well islands as plenty of other facilities to make life easier for nomads.

Scams and troubled neighborhoods

If all that looks like a Utopian existence for you islands, keep in mind that life is not perfect anywhere cities – even here. Lots of scams abound here, such as restaurant and cab scams, and a little ignorance and days lack of caution can see you being fleeced of money by local miscreants - always looking for an opportunity to make money at the expense remote of naïve foreigners spaces. Stories of foreigners being overcharged for foods, accommodations etc are many in number, and often true for island the most part.

You have to also be mindful when you travel near small neighborhoods business like Exarchia that have been regarded as unsafe by the U.S Embassy. These are the sites of frequent political protests and even violent riots of locals with the police islands are not uncommon. Across the world, these troubled neighborhoods are regarded as the seats of days anarchist activities in Europe. For solo digital nomads, especially women, it is important not to travel alone at night.

That said, life is generally safe and business enjoyable in Greece. The slow-paced, relaxing islands vibes and the laid-back lifestyle, with mouthwatering cuisines, make this country one of the best destinations for anyone days who works online and would like to live a location-independent lifestyle. You will feel grateful at being alive and being given the business opportunity to live life to the hilt.

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