And, Kobe and the new-look Lakers host Denver.

November 4, 2004 – Francisco Elson apologized for making some derogatory comments about Kevin Garnett during the playoffs, but it’s safe to say KG’s probably got payback coming in the form of a huge game as his Wolves face off agains the Nuggets. Also, it’s worth noting the Charlotte Bobcats tip off their franchise history against the Washington Wizards.

November 16, 2004 – Just halfway into the first month of the season and Steve Nash will head back to his old stomping grounds to take on the Dallas Mavericks. The good money says Mavs owner Mark Cuban and Nash won’t be bickering by then, and Nash should be well-received. Nash might wonder why he didn’t get a better offer from Cuban, though, when he sees his former owner giving a million bucks away to a complete stranger sometime this fall on The Benefactor.

December 14, 2004 – Knicks at Nets before the New Year looks pretty innocent on paper, but chances are Tim Thomas doesn’t feel the same way.