How can the colour of opal affect physically and emotionally?


This name come from a Sanskrit Upala, meaning jewel. Opal comes in hundreds of colours but of two types: the precious opals or gem and common opals. Common opals are known for their translucence and groups of colours that constitute green, blue, red and orange. Another important thing that can distinguish common opals from others is inclusions. There are many stories in the market where you can purchase opal gem of your liking.

On the other hand, precious gems have different flashing colours known as opalescence against dark brown, white, or black backgrounds. The opalescence will always appear as a vivid colour on the background and is basically a floating purple or blue colour tone. This stones can be found in different areas like Australia and the USA.

Opals are unique stones in every way. They have a unique crystalline structure that is something unlike any other in nature. Tiny spheres are packed closely together in an amorphous mass. Their finish and colours are eccentric that forced the invention of new names and phrases like play-of-colour, iridescent, opalescent and opaline.

Opal's virtues and colors

• Love, desire and passion
• The eye stone
• Cupid's stone
• Rejuvenating and revitalizing
• Realizing potential and self-confidence
• Good fortune and wealth
• Independence and freedom

If you look deeply into this gemstone, you will get lost in its core from the first time a colour flashes, then another follows. The colour in this gem emerges from all the sides of the stone like a 3D fantasy. Because of that, this colourfulness of the gemstone means that opals are all you need when you want the benefit of the uplifting orange and yellow to the calming and soothing blue and everything in between.

Some special opals can show all the available colours, but others can have dominant hues. Therefore, these colours hint at their emotional and physical influence as below.
• Predominantly red colour- boosts confidence and sexuality.
• Predominantly green colour- cures heartache, rejuvenating and revitalizing.
• Predominantly white colour- offers calming and brings luck.
• Predominantly black colour- it is a protective and grounding charm.
• Predominantly yellow colour- it promotes creativity and inventiveness.

The spiritual and emotional benefits of this opals

This gemstone comes in an enormous range from black ones to the most common version: the white opals. However, all opals feature great play-of-colour in an infinity variety of hues (except opals with one colour like pink and fire opals). There are colour changing opals that change when you move from inside to outside.

Generally, opals are known to promote inventiveness, creativity, self-expression and spontaneity. Therefore, you can lose your stifling inhibitions and, in return freeing your adventurous and wild side. This is a passionate stone that is linked with desire, lust and love. Opals with a specific colour will have a strong emotion and spiritual affluence compared to multi-coloured opals.

The physical advantages of opals

In some parts of the world, like Europe, opals are referred to as eye stones. They are believed to treat the eye of any problem. When you wear or keep opals near, you will be resistant to any diseases related to the eyes. The soothing-eye wash of opals elixir is supposed to do extraordinary work to the eyes.

Also, opals are known to regulate body insulin and help in body detoxification. When using any type of opals, you will benefit from liver regeneration. The use of this gemstone is associated with PMS and childbirth development and also stimulates kidney, lymph and bladder nodes.

Constant use of this opal gem stone will relieve you of the abdomen and lower back pains and release muscle tension. It is believed that gems can stimulate nerve endings and improve memory hence can treat some disorders like Parkinson's disease. People who are suffering from panic attacks or anxiety should try to keep opals near them since it can speed up the recovery time after a surgical procedure of a long illness.

Opals and the chakras

Many individuals and religions believe that there are seven points located within a human body that can influence our mental and physical well being. The name given to this body point is Chakras. There are energy centres that start from the spine base to the top of the head. Different opals have different influences on different Chakra points. These stones can be used to realign or unblock a particular Chakra.

The fact that opals are in different colours makes them the best and spectacular stones for Chakra. The most common question that many people ask is if opals can unblock Chakra. The answer is yes, and you can get help in unblocking your Chakra using opals.

Opals with dominant colours are linked to a single Chakra hence can be used to realign or unblock that particular Chakra. For example:
• Fire opals will help in sacral Chakra since they boost sexuality and fertility.
• Pink or green opals are for heart Chakra and help in easing grudges and jealousy.
• Blue opals are for throat Chakra to correct thyroid and throat issues and improve communications.
• Boulder or black opals relates to root Chakra, which will enhance feelings of confidence and security.
• Violet opals belong to the third eye, Chakra, which will increase faith and decisiveness.
• White opals form part of crown Chakra that cures heartaches, migraines and headaches.

The most important thing is to identify the Chakra that is blocked and use the suitable stone for treatment. You should find a peaceful area to lie down and, using a gemstone, locate your troubled Chakra and treat it. Relax, breathe calmly and let the stone do the magic.

Cleanse and recharging of opals

The fact that opals are one of the most precious and delicate stones makes them demand extra care when recharging and cleansing. There are several things that you need to take into account when you want to cleanse and recharge your opals.

One of the most important things you need to know is that direct sunlight will have an adverse effect on your opals. Therefore, you should never leave your opals outside for a long time since they can crack, craze or fade.

Also, salt has some effect on precious stones like opals. Therefore, it is important to avoid cleansing using the salt solution since the chemicals present can cause opal's breakdown.

Opals can be cleansed using tap water or fresh spring water then you can leave it over the night for recharging. Note that a sudden change in temperature, like in any other material, can cause your opals to break or crack. You can also charge your opals using the palm of your hand by rubbing in between them for a short period without being too rough.

Opals can be programmed to give you specific help through looking for a quiet corner, focusing on your mind while holding the stone tightly in your hands. When you go asleep, you should ensure you give your body some space to breathe and rest from the gem's energy. Therefore, it is good to remove the opal gem stone when you go to sleep.

Most opals are associated with water energy, and it is traditionally found in a home in the northern parts. You need to keep your opals in the northern part to enhance your life and career paths. However, other opals like fire have more fire energy hence can be located in the south part of the room to boost your action, energy and passion. If you are in a creative and interactive industry, you can have one of the opal gem stones on your pocket or desk to bring innovative ideas.

How to use opals for spiritual, physical and emotional benefits

There are numerous ways you can use opals throughout the day to benefit physically, spiritually and emotionally. The easiest way you can use opals is to buy jewellery and incorporate a pie of the stone in it. Opals got their fame from emulates and beads since the beginning of man. Wearing gem pendants, rings, or earrings will ensure that you have it all day.

You need to remember that the colour of opals will influence the Chakra that it will influence. For example, blue is for throat Chakra, and red is for root Chakra. Sometimes people wear expensive jewellery and put their gemstones in their pocket. Because of that, it is easy to access and use when extra reassurance is required. Also, you can use opals to decorate your home, or you can place them on different Chakra points when you are meditating or relaxing.

Opals are one of the best gemstones that are good for meditation, centring the mind and calming the body. It forms two of the most important traits for contemplation since meditation requires clear thoughts. Special opals will magnify your emotions and allow you to get inner peace through intense spiritual energy. For example, fire opals will employ different ecstasy vibrations and develop an alignment state of passion, while black opals will improve your connectivity with plants and earth spirits.

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