Massage that area gently

Massage that area gently but firmly in circular motion for 1 minute. 2. Eyes to Nose Massage ? Using thumb, go along the underside of eyebrows (along the bone on top of eye socket). Feel where this bone meets the bridge of your nose and eyes and find a point where there is a small indentation. Very gentle pressure, press your thumbs into the points. You can do it four times by holding and press that area for 10 seconds in each press. 3. Neck Massage — Massage a point where you can feel it by moving the middle fingers of your hands to the back of your head and feel the base of your skull. Specially, at the tops of your neck that meets the base of your skull. Massage for a minutes using finger tips gentle in circular movement. 4. Scalp Massage ? Let your palms of your hands massage your scalp on the top of your skull for a minute gently. Once you have done all those massages, start taking a deep breath.

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