The healing properties of natural stones

Healing properties of natural stones

he increased growth in complementary and alternative medicine solutions has led to the adoption of multiple techniques of healing, including yoga and litho therapy. Lithotherapy, a technique that utilizes nat stones for healing, was applied in ancient times for spiritual and therapeutic benefits. Today, these stones are used in the modern civilisation for their aesthetic value and healing abilities for the soul, body, and mind. Litho therapy is based on the premise that every stone has energetic vibrations that are unique to its composition. These vibrations are known to resonate with the human body when placed in close contact, producing varying healing effects to the body, mind, and soul. These healing abilities are known as stone virtues. Click on this link for an exploration of natural stone jewellery and discover more about lithotherapy.

This post addresses the healing properties of various stones.

Tiger Eye

Although the stone is popularly used as a source of wealth as a jewellery, Tiger Eye is known to be a great choice for stress relief and keeping you calm. The stone properties linked to Tiger Eye include;

• Effective in releasing fear and anxiety.

• Aiding in the balance and harmony of the mind, body, and soul.

• Enhances confidence by stimulating the capacity to act.

• Enhances understanding and discernment.

• Used to treat reproductive organs, throat, and eyes.

• Used as a natural detoxifying agent.

• Used in the repairing of bones.

• Alleviation of pain.


Agate is a translucent gemstone known for its unique banding and attractive colour patterns. In lithotherapy, Agate is popular for its strengthening and harmonising influences. Some of the healing properties of Agate include;

• Used to heal inner tension and anger.

• Effective in soothing varying types of aches and pains, including headaches, cramps, and backpains.

• It has a soothing power for people struggling with loneliness, grief, and emotional pain.

• Its stability property is used for the rebalancing of the mind, body, and soul.

• Used to enhance concentration and mental functions.

• It has an energetic flow that facilitates contemplation and introspection for spiritual growth.

• The stone has therapeutic frequencies that enhance calmness.

• Agate also has properties that radiate the energetic vibrations and healing power found in the water element.


Hematite is quite impressive when it comes to protection, grounding, and balancing energies. The properties of Hematite focus emotions and energy with an aim to rebalance the body, mind, and soul. Here is a highlight of the healing properties of Hematite;

• Enhances calmness and stress relief.

• Translates all the negative emotions and energy into a positive emotion.

• Used to release anxiety, fear, and worry.

• It has protection properties that make you feel safer.

• Enhances confidence, especially among women.

• Used to treat and cure anaemia and headaches.

• Effective in treating spinal problems.

• Regulates the flow of blood in the body.


Across civilisations, Amethyst has been an attractive stone for its outstanding beauty and healing power. It is probably the most popular crystal in the Quartz family. Here are some powerful properties that describe Amethyst;

• Used to relieve strain and stress.

• Efficient in soothing anxiety, anger, fear, and irritability.

• Used to balance mood swings.

• Used to dissolve grief, sadness, and negativity.

• Amethyst also enhances mental abilities and intuition.

• Facilitates hormone balance.

• It can be used to manage extra weight.

• Used to treat physical ailments and conditions, such as insomnia.

• Amethyst can be used as a detoxification agent.

Red Jasper

Jasper is one of the many types of Jasper crystals known for its empowerment, spiritual grounding, and comforting essence. Red Jasper focuses energy into practical strategic action for health improvement and overall balance. The healing properties of Red Jasper include;

• Effective in easing out stress, anxiety, and worries.

• Promotes emotional stability.

• Red Jasper is a protective stone, triggering a feeling of safety amongst individuals. The gemstone is also believed to protect individuals from demonic possession, deception, drunkenness, or even accidents.

• It is used to treat tissue and bone-related ailments.

• Enhances problem-solving and other cognitive skills.

• Stimulates imagination.

• Enhances decision making and transformation of an idea into a working action.

• Promotes encouragement and focus.


The beautiful blue colouring of Azurite is said to reflect the energetic vibrations of the blue ray. The gemstone offers plenty of metaphysical and spiritual benefits, including psychic development and spiritual growth. Some of the healing properties of Azurite include;

• Stimulation of intellectual capacity.

• Used to discharge negative emotions and energies.

• Azurite is also popular for the treatment of trauma.

• Used to boost confidence and humility.

• Effective in treatment and curing of throat ailments and skin disorders.

• Used to detoxify the body, as well as to enhance roles played by such organs as the liver and kidney.

• It can also be used to alleviate problems connected to the central nervous system.

• Effective in stimulating active dreaming, meditation, and spiritual channeling.


Amazonite is known to be a soothing crystal. The stone has been valued highly across generations, following its aesthetic and healing properties. As far as metaphysical healing is concerned, the Amazonite stone is an outstanding option. Here are some healing properties that are associated with the Amazonite crystal;

• Used as an aid in maintaining optimum health.

• Enhances communication skills among st individuals who struggle with telling the truth or articulate relaying of information.

• Used to enhance calmness.

• Boosts the central nervous system.

• Used to aid the meditation routine.

• Amazonite has the power to heal and treat muscle tissue.

• It also improves and treats the throat.

Natural Crystals as Accessories

The primary benefit of acquiring a natural stone is to take advantage of its healing properties. However, healing stones are also incredibly beautiful, and they can be used for their aesthetic value. Therefore, whether you buy them as jewellery, stones of virtues, or home decor materials, you can enjoy their healing properties as you surround yourself with beauty.

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