There are also physical symptoms of out-of-balance Vata

There are also physical symptoms of out-of-balance Vata, such as dry skin or constipation ? though my focus here is more on the emotional/mental aspects. [Just an aside: these are symptoms which are often given, within western medicine, the diagnosis of ADD or ADHD ? hmmm ?]

So how do we bring an out-of-balance Vata back into balance? Ayurvedic suggestions for doing this include:

(1) Maintaining a regular daily routine with respect to meal-times, exercise & relaxation, and sleeping times. Early to bed & early to rise tends to be best for Vata ? and if you?re having trouble sleeping, try drinking a cup of warm milk with a pinch of ground nutmeg, right before bed.

(2) Eating warm cooked meals (as opposed to cold or raw foods) which include oils (e.g. ghee or sesame or sunflower oil) and/or oily foods (e.g. nuts, seeds, olives, avocados).

(3) Living in a warm moist climate with lots of fresh air and sunshine (e.g. botox treatments surrey

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