A company’s failure

It is much the same in this instance.

However, a few things are certain when a company ceases ?to be? unexpectedly? Someone(s) made poor choices. The actual errors themselves are much less important than understanding why so many very intelligent people cannot build and sustain successful businesses.

A company's failure can usually be traced directly back to its founder's mindset. Ultimate success in anything has much more to do with your attitudes and beliefs than any one tactical error or overwhelming event even though this may be given as ?the official cause of death?.

Given this, it is logical to assume that small business owners/managers fall short of their goals because they do, in fact, commit serious blunders which produce poor, or devastating, results However, in order to at least stop the bleeding (hopefully there?s still enough time to cure the patient you must understand and address the root problem, not band aid on a malignant tumor!

The obvious question then is: Why?

Because their Actions are…

based on Decisions…

formed by Attitudes…

supported by a philosophical belief in?


We all make mistakes some of us more than others. But it's the wise person who seeks counsel. So after many years in the strategic marketing profession, I have compiled my very own list of the four worst of the worst marketing myths and blunders they cause.

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