How does a diamond wire saw work?

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The group of people who may not be directly involved in saw cutting may not recognise what diamond cutting machines are, how they work and what tasks they accomplish. If you are inexperienced in the construction and mining industry. Diamond wire saw is perhaps not the first thing you consider when planning for a project. You will find everything you need to know about wire cutting or wire sawing in today's post. So, keep on reading.

A Short Introduction to Diamond Wire Cutting

Diamond wire cutting utilises a wire incorporated with an abrasive, especially diamond dust, to cut through surfaces. The diamond’s sturdiness makes this cutting method efficient when cutting any softer material than a diamond. In this case, virtually all materials across the world are more delicate than diamonds.

When it comes to ranking the materials with the best hardness, granite ranks second, right below diamonds. On the other hand, natural stones such as quartz and marble are famous for their general harness. As a result, diamond wire cutting technology remains the best method for extracting natural stone materials worldwide.

Often lubricated and cooled with water and oil, wire saws may be principally compared to band saws and reciprocating saws. The only exception is that they use abrasion to cut through slabs instead of the saw teeth. The wire may comprise a single strand or a couple of strands combined to form a uniform cable.

The single-strand saws are either made abrasive by combining synthetic diamond dust straight to the cable or integrating beads and diamond-impregnated spaces right into the cable. What’s more, the wire saws are categorised into oscillating (reciprocating) or continuous (loop or endless saws). The wire is also known as a ‘blade.’

Why Use Diamond Cutting Wire

The main reason why most people opt for diamond wire cutting is that this method quickly and effectively cuts through virtually all materials compared to the traditional cutting technologies. It also produces little waste material compared to the standard teeth-like blades. In the end, you will end up saving a lot of money and material, particularly when cutting the costly materials.

Based on the machine you are using, wire sawing is reasonably quiet, fumeless and clean. In addition, it has little to no vibrations, ensuring its ideal when working in sensitive work settings like a hospital. Another top reason you need to consider this cutting technology is that it’s 4 to 5 X quicker than the traditional cutting techniques. As if this is not enough, you will need a little workforce to handle the tool.

Where Can You Apply Diamond Cutting Wire?

Well, there are plenty of areas where you can use a diamond cutting wire. Quarrying and mining industries take advantage of this tool to cut the hard stones into large blocks. Afterwards, these blocks may be taken to processing plants so they can be refined further or even sent to the suppliers and customers.

In general, diamond wire cutting is an essential concrete cutting technique perfect for cutting heavily reinforced areas, such as thick concrete sections. Other applications may include the following:

  • Demolition projects
  • Making angular cuts on horizontal and vertical structures
  • Dismantling large steel structures, such as decommissioning the mining areas
  • Cutting through reinforced structures like factory floors, dams, bridges, beams, columns and jetties
  • Cutting through embedded steel and heavy rebar
  • Cutting circular openings
  • Performing cuts in sensitive, confined and restricted areas
  • Exceptional applications may entail cutting conductors, pipelines and other underwater structures

Does Your Current Project Necessitate You to Use a Diamond Wire Cutting?

If you are doubtful whether your current project requires a wire saw or are confident that you will have to cut or remove concrete, it would be wise to avoid undertaking the task yourself without the proper certifications. Here is where you need to get in touch with a professional.

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