Projects being worked business model

You see, there's a lot of money out there, but very few projects being worked business model. In other words, there are actually more investors out there than there are people bringing them good businesses to invest their money in, and they wish there were MORE deals.

And this is no mystery when you do the numbers. Because on the average business we buy, for example, the return on their money will be 25-33 percent. That’s a LOT better than anything they’ll get investing in the stock market or even in real estate. And the risk is extremely low, too.

And this is good news for you because this mean they have a vested interest in the businesses they invest in. Which is why if, for example, you buy a business using investors, they’ll stick with you. If something goes wrong, most of the time (if not all the time) they will come in and solve the problem.

Ask any banker or lender if they’d be willing to do that for you!

Bottom line: If you’re going to buy a business, you should put some serious thought into using investor financing. Mainly because they are already looking for you and your chances of succeeding are way higher than if you use any other sort of financing.

Arthur B.

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